Why See a Counsellor?

{George Eliot said, "It is never too late to be what you might have been"}

Men and women of all ages receive counselling for many different reasons. They may be feeling anxious, tense, confused. They may be feeling dissatisfied with the quality of their relationships or puzzled by their reactions to events or people. They may be struggling to cope with a recent life crisis such as an accident, bereavement or divorce, a stressful situation at work, or a health problem that could benefit from counselling. They may simply be feeling that something's not 'quite right'.


Making the decision to begin counselling can sometimes be a difficult one. Given the personal nature of the relationship, choosing your counsellor can also feel like a daunting task. So, how can you find a counsellor who is right for you? You may want to start by asking yourself a few questions like 'would I prefer a male or female counsellor?', and moving onto ' what sort of person would I feel safe and comfortable with?'. Most counsellors would be willing to discuss any concerns you may have about what they have to offer and their qualifications to practice, and I am no exception.


Counselling is not a miracle cure-all

Counselling can't change the external pressures you live with.

What it can do is provide strategies for coping with difficulties and insight into your behaviour.

It can help you see how you impact on others and how their behaviour affects you.

Counselling also gives you the bigger picture and puts your current situation into a wider context.

This is really valuable, as many of us just cannot see what else may be going on.

In times of stress we all find it harder to see clearly by ourselves.

Counselling can help you be more yourself while handling the everyday pressures of life more effectively.

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