What is Counselling and Psychotherapy ?

Counselling is often called 'Talking Therapy' because the benefit gained comes from the talking that takes place between you and your counsellor. Sharing your concerns can often help you clarify the problem yourself.


This may sound simple but very often, when we are having difficulties and our thoughts whirl around in ever decreasing circles, then explaining it all to someone who does not know any of the people involved can be extremely helpful. You may find yourself expanding your thinking again, bringing a greater insight and awareness of your problem.


As a counsellor, I am trained to listen and will do my best to understand what you are feeling. I will reflect this back to you so that we both come to understand the issues more clearly.


You will not be given advice or opinions but will be offered an opportunity to look at your situation from several angles so that you can think about it and decide for yourself what you would like to try and do about it.


You will be helped to recognise and draw on your own strengths and resources. You may even discover new qualities you didn't know you had.


Not only is counselling a place to explore difficult issues, it is also a space in which to grow and develop.


However, counselling is not just about thinking. It is very much about expressing feelings. How you express your feelings is personal and we all have individual ways of doing this.


Being able to share how you feel about yourself and others with your counsellor and having your feelings heard and respected can be extremely helpful in facilitating change.


As you begin to understand and acknowledge your feelings you may be able to start changing patterns of behaviour which keep recurring and causing difficulties.


In order to understand your feelings you may need to look at the past and see where such feelings originated and how they developed. I will be able to explore this with you.


Gradually, you may become aware of how your past is influencing the present and how this affects your feelings about yourself and your relationships. Together we can find a way for you to manage them.

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