Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Supervision in Cullompton with Tricia St Clair

Tricia St Clair


Counselling can be of benefit in the following situations:

  • abusive relationships
  • experiencing the effects of bereavement
  • suffering with depression
  • anxiety
  • unhappy for no apparent reason
  • young people being bullied at school
  • adults being bullied at work
  • religious and spirtual crises


 and much more.


I have over 12 years experience counselling people with conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, and Abuse - sexual, emotional, physical, including bullying in the workplace, bullying at school, domestic violence, and abusive relationships of many different sorts.


If you are looking for face-to-face counselling, I recommend that you come to meet with me for 15 - 20 minutes in which we can see if we can comfortably work together; in that introductory meeting you can ask questions, discuss your counselling needs, etc.  Go to the Making and Appointment page to find out more. 


I also offer telephone counselling.  For more details, please go to the Making and Appointment page and scroll down to the relevant section.


As a qualified Counselling Supervisor, I am available to work with trainee counsellors as well as more experienced therapists.  I am available to provide Supervision face-to-face, by telephone, or Skype.  Email or telephone me for more details.



I appreciate that taking the first step to seek counselling can be daunting. Research shows that the single most significant factor in predicting the outcome of therapy is the relationship between therapist and client. To be able to trust and confide in the therapist it is vital for the client to have a sense of safety and to feel comfortable. A good way to start is by making contact - email or phone me.




BACP's journal, Therapy Today reported in July 2014 on a national survey commissioned by the BACP that increasing numbers of people in the UK have consulted a counsellor or psychotherapist, amid growing public awareness of the need to take care of our emotional health. To read more click on <<News>>


More articles can be found at




The guardian newspaper reported on 23-9-2014 that the founder of a chain of comedy clubs in the US, providing counselling for his employees has become routine. 

After a number of comedians who worked regularly at his Hollywood venue took their own lives in quick succession, the owner Jamie Masada, decided he couldn't just sit back and do nothing. So, in 2011 he hired an in-house therapist who has been holding counselling sessions in an upstairs room at the Hollywood club ever since. The therapist is even on call when comedians are on the road.

"We are obligated to do something to help others in our working environment," Masada says. "This should be common practice in any place of work. Make sure there is someone your people can talk to if they need to."




A MARRIAGE COUNSELLOR ON HEALING THE REFERENDUM HURT.  On 20th September 2014 the BBC News Magazine ran an article asking a couples counsellor how she would counsellor the political leaders involvedthe recent scottish referendum.  here is some of what she said.  To read the whole story see my NEWS section. 

At a general election family members often belong to opposing parties and yet still eat together. In the recent Scottish referendum, people have occasionally separated along bitter, internecine lines. Internet trolls on both sides have used inflammatory language. The parents of one Glaswegian married to a Londoner are refusing to speak to them because they planned to vote "for the other side". Young people have "unfriended" each other on Facebook or tattooed their necks with their indelible allegiances.


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